Our Philosophy

SPEED, POWER & EFFICENCY … three components essential to every player. In no facet of a players game are these more important then in skating. There is little arguing that todays game is faster then it has ever been, and the need to be a great skater has never been more important. Hockey has evolved into an all year sport, meaning that there is not so much of an off-season as there is merely a winter season and summer season… or as we like to call it a competitive season (winter) and skill development season (summer). More and more players at all levels are now taking advantage of power skating and off-ice training to give themselves the extra edge on their competition. Proper skating technique is the foundation that all other skill sets are built upon and that’s why it is critical that players learn how to skate EFFICIENTLY and get the most out of every stride.

Besides improving players skating , Trach Power Skating aims to help develop our players into coachable, confident, young adults who learn that there is much more to the game of hockey then just scoring goals. We try to achieve this by teaching our players the importance of paying attention to the details of the game… meaning that each extra repetition, pivot, etc practiced correctly may make the difference in improving next season, practice or game.

Above all, our main goal is to accomplish all of these objectives in a FUN and SAFE environment, where regardless of ability every player will feel comfortable in learning new skills and pushing themselves to better existing skills!